Foster Care Hall of Fame

His Kind Heart, and Good Nature

So often, in the world of child welfare, we hear the statistics of what has gone wrong for children who grew up in foster care.  Today, I salute someone who did all the right things, for the right reasons.

David E. Dietrich, just 21 years old, died in Iraq on December 29th.  Mr. Dietrich had been in Iraq for just two months. 

His foster parents had recently heard from him:

“We took some fire and sent some fire. I’m OK,” he e-mailed.

That was the last the Raisners heard from him.

The Raisners took David in and cared for him as family.  Before that, he was cared for by the Gamble family. 

His foster mother, Jean Raisner, remembers:  “I was so worried about him going to Iraq,” Jean Raisner says. But she remembers him saying, “Jean, my destiny is not to die in Iraq, my destiny is to die an old man in Marysville.”

While his planned destiny was not fulfilled, David served his country, and met his maker all too soon.

For the children,



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  1. * brigham says:

    So sad that someone could have such a difficult life and then be so quickly consumed by the Dick Cheney and George Bush war in Iraq.

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago

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