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Holding on for a Better Tomorrow

Happy New Year.

It’s a time of reflection and resolutions. 

I’ve been reading about a woman named Karen Agard, and she demonstrates — by how she lives her life — how to make a difference in the new year and beyond.  Ms. Agard, who lives not too far from me in Boston, has a heart for taking in teenage foster youth. 

I learned about her story in the Newton Tab:  “I love kids,” Agard said. “It just feels like a natural thing. I don’t give it much thought. It just seems to be where I’m supposed to be.”

Amazing as her open-heartedness is, her history will open your heart:  “Agard understands the dynamics of foster care and adoption on both a theoretical and emotional level. She was adopted from the Home for Little Wanderers when she was 3 months old, and is in the process of working on a master’s degree in social work.”

Ms. Agard is an inspiration.  To her, and the foster parents like her, I say thank you, and warmest wishes for the new year.

For the children,



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  1. * ECR says:

    Appreciate all the work you are doing on behalf of the little ones, and, more often, the big ones…Carolyne directed me to this blog and I would love seeing any information/suggestions on what can be done by the individual, such as calls, or letter writing campaigns…I too believe there are more out there like Ms. Agard who, “loves kids” unfortunately they never seem to be the ones making all the heavy decisions that affect our youth so strongly…ECR, Chicago

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago

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